Friday, May 20, 2011

Inside 50 MN: Brad Pitt, Jean Dujardin and Amaury Vasily (VIDEO)

Full Cannes Film Festival, Nikos Aliagas and Sandrine Quétier announce strong subjects for 50 minutes inside this Saturday! A program closer to the first stars with Jean Dujardin one team has followed in recent times, since the filming of The Artist, Los Angeles, the steps of the Cannes Film Festival where the film is in competition.

A first for Jean Dujardin who found the director of OSS 117, apparently for the better. Jean Dujardin is obviously a candidate for the best actor award ... A week after the Eurovision disappointment of Amaury Vassili is still fresh. 50 MN has questioned the classification of bad French.

Reminder Amaury said that he had a very bad back from her as he started to sing. It's not only the frenchies in life! At Cannes, the kings of the Croisette are undoubtedly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, glamorous couple par excellence and a film with Brad Poster Tree of Life, in competition.

The family is living in France is the opportunity to know a little more about the daily life of this legendary couple already ... A great program, no doubt ...

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