Saturday, May 21, 2011

María José Galera talks about prostitution in Sálvame Deluxe

Deluxe proved again Save me a section where an employee is subjected to hypnosis to take out their fears and thoughts that block you in your daily life. Last week inaugurated the section, Lydia Lozano, and a few hours ago was Maria José Galera, exconcursante Big Brother 1, passing through this "test." The former destroyed Jorge Berrocal confessed prostitutes not continuously, but had sex for money with a man for a year in order to give money to their parents and take care of her daughter who suffered paralysis 96 percent and died three years ago.

Also, the Andalusian had during his hypnosis session, his mother told him that the big money coming into your house commissions were earned selling encyclopedias. They failed the parents of Maria José Galera truth to the story came to light when they compete in Big Brother. Interview was to publish the news and the producer of reality helped her tell her parents and three sisters who did not know everything.

It was Sunday and the magazine went on sale the next day, two psychologists, the manager of Gale and her family visited for it to transmit what would happen. His father suffered a lot with this fact that led him to lose weight forty kilos, but his family supported him and told him not to enter into provocations.

After "awakening" Galera do not remember anything and when Jorge Javier Vazquez told explained what he was thrilled. In ten years set in the set had not been able to do it, claimed that when he was called "p ***" was blocked and could never be attacked as telling the story tonight.

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