Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juan Carlos I said: "What I love is killing me"

After the comments that have happened to learn of the announcement that the King will go a knee operation, he has felt uncomfortable with some of the things he has heard and has exploded, saying: "What I love is killing me and myself a pine tree in the gut "with irony, was addressing the media at the Palacio de la Zarzuela to telling them" is to die.

" "I'm fatal, you see," he added when he was asked how he was. On Monday, the Royal House announced that Juan Carlos I will be operated right knee in the first half of June to address a "joint pains" as a result of old injuries from sports. These statements by the King have been a warning to the media to speculate that his health is worse than reaching the public.

"What I love is killing me and put a pine in the gut every day in the press. That's what reporters do. " After hue and said he was referring only to "some media", in March, also became angry with reporters after seeing some pictures posted which revealed a hematoma in his left eye, which some call shadow downplay the issue.

Then commented that took "many" images that then he "never saw it, because finally published are those that came out recently favored.

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