Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Justin Bieber foot massage Selena Gomez

The public displays of affection by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continue as shown in this photo that was posted on the Twitter social network. In it, the Canadian shirtless gives a massage to his girlfriend in one of his feet. @ AdorableJelena posted the above image of the young couple relaxed on a couch, especially Selena Gomez was the one receiving the massage.

Reportedly the photo was taken in the home of actress 18. The fan that hung, reported: "New pic of Jelena and Justin are you rubbing the foot of Selena? xD. Following the recent death threats made Canadian fans of his girlfriend, we assume that this new photo will not make them any grace.

It is curious cap Justin Bieber, 17, which reads "Obey", "Obey" We do not know if that Selena Gomez wears the pants in this relationship. On the face of the singer seems that the kid is crafty when it comes to massage his foot. The truth is that in recent days have gone from being discreet and shy to show their love in public.

First her kiss on the Billboard Awards, after its many displays of affection in their romantic holiday in Maui, Hawaii where they kissed in water, soil and air.

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