Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paris Hilton betrayed and humiliated by a sex tape

Unfortunately for her, Paris Hilton is notable for having several sex tapes landed on the canvas. And unfortunately for her, whenever she feels betrayed, especially when the sexual activities involving a man she loved. So this week, during the show Tonight Piers Morgan, the wealthy heiress was entrusted to the sex tape, Rick Salomon, her ex, has unleashed on the Internet.

Not surprisingly, Paris Hilton appeared hurt and knows she will do with throughout his life. Awareness that one has rarely seen her. When the video was found, Paris Hilton did not. Because Rick Salomon has shared his life for a long time. Because she did not think he would do such a thing.

In fact, it can only see the damage: "It changed my life forever. When I was little, I admired women like Princess Diana and there, I feel it took me all this. I have to live with it until the end of my days and I will have to explain to my children. I can not erase it. "For Paris Hilton sex tape this is the thing most" humiliating and embarrassing "that she has ever had to endure.

Fortunately, she could count on the support of her mother, who even wiped his tears during the show.

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