Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blake Lively naked on the web, info ou intox?

A few days ago, photos ole ole Blake Lively have mysteriously popped up on the web ... Just when the romance is stated in the Gossip Girl actress and muse of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel starring Leonardo DiCaprio, pictures soon followed by a denial of his agent, shouting to anyone who would listen that he does s would not apply to Blake Lively, but certainly a lookalike hired by a malicious person.

Mouaii ... next excuse was better known, for example from Paris Hilton at the story of her sex tape complaining about the theft of his laptop ... and videos contained in the device. After Miley Cyrus and Eva Longoria, Blake Lively Is she the latest victim of a thief pictures?? Or the young woman she is the victim of a former boyfriend with humor impaired? The debate is open and the arguments.

These photos are visible on the blog from Perez Hilton have something let dubious. Although a bit blurry, it recognizes easily the young woman, photographed in closeup. Armed to the teeth, our colleagues from Here. en went so far put on the magnifying glass to check closer to the moles and phone brand the young woman.

Conclusion? Their verdict is final! It would be good to Blake Lively who unveils a perfect physique along with a lack of modesty ... If you want to get a feel for yourself, here ...

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