Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pekin Express: Isabelle and Pierre eliminated

The seventh stage is under the sign of witchcraft. Indeed, teams have an appointment with a voodoo Ambon. However, before taking the start of the race, each pair must catch a chicken, then they will offer to the sorcerer, as an offering. Denis and Cesar, who arrived last at the previous step was not elimination, must remain silent throughout the race ...

It is Caesar who must be relieved! The crossroads of enferAprès departure on the hats of wheels, the teams find themselves stuck at a crossroads all that Luke named the "crossroads of hell." And for good reason: few cars pass here. Outcome: Candidates will have to wait long hours under a scorching sun before a vehicle deigns to take a ride.

Some tensions are beginning to be felt among competitors. Luke accuses Ingrid to jump on a car he had stopped before her, and that, that Luke's annoyed because "it's little arm!" A few minutes later, it was the turn of Francis' s take to Ingrid for the same reasons as Luke. The pairing of Jean-Pierre throws a huff and increase the tone.

Nicolas course, like a knight, is quick to defend the beautiful Ingrid and exclaims: "Do not worry because it is useless." Well said Nicolas! The voodoo of Ambonil candidates end up gradually by leaving the roadside. Only Luke and Clement are still stuck at the same crossroads ... "There is zero, there is zero!" Exclaimed Luke.

"I was nervous," confided the husband of Clemence later ... Ah well, we had not noticed! The other teams, they, go to the caves of Ambon where voodoo is waiting to give them the address of the location Stéphane Rotenberg. The Belgian brothers are the first on the scene and discovered, frightened, they must exchange their chicken against the address! Ludovic and Samuel, who were attached to their little animal they have even nicknamed Kid, concerned about the fate that he reserves the socialist ...

That everyone is reassured, nothing bad will be done! Phew, we are reassured! After saying goodbye to a boy, the Belgian brothers go to the Library of Tanga and qualify for the immunity test being played with Jean-Pierre and Francois, and Ingrid and Nicolas, came in second and third. The return of the flag rougeDernière straight line of this seventh stage: all candidates must travel to Dar Es Salaam.

This sprint will not be an easy one, the red flag being returned. Karim and Leila was the fastest to reach the village of Pongwe are the proud owners of red flag that will allow them to stop all the teams of their choice for 15 minutes and this, as many times as they want. Karim is ecstatic to the point that promises to "make a carnage" ...

The other teams will not soon find out, the husband of Leila rushing to "Flaguais" all his classmates. Only Jean-Pierre and Francois are quiet, the two friends to the south-west having won immunity. Francis smiles again and takes the opportunity to apologize to the passage of Ingrid. All's well that ends well! Karim and Leila have also smiling.

And for good reason: their red flag with the newlyweds arrived in front of the race. The adventure ends in contrast to Isabelle and Pierre, who arrived last.

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