Thursday, June 2, 2011

Star magazine again Angelina Jolie attack

Star magazine is still characterized by doing everything possible to avoid Angelina Jolie are happy. This time takes its cover a photo of the actress in a picture that looks very thin. In principle asserts that weighs 50 kilos and that Pitt wants her to gain weight quickly. But the publication, in its line, it stays there and says that "In the presentation of Kung Fu Panda 2 in Cannes she looked like a zombie.

It seems that has gone back to drugs because he was with strangers and behaved in a savage way. " And all this without comparing anything. A woman, as he says, "It was somewhat surprising and worrying, she had dilated pupils and say things without meaning, a topic of conversation changed continuously and never finish what he started to say." A photographer, he did an interview with the actress for 20 years, in addition to defamation and states that "I remember I was acting strangely.

No surprise me that he was drugged. In Cannes often happens with other artists and there are often large quantities of cocaine everywhere. " The science fiction writer slash commenting that "an informant" has stated that "In the fifth birthday of Shiloh was Pitt himself said he had to gain weight so urgent because he is very concerned about his health." No doubt we do not deny it takes absolutely nothing to sell some magazines do whatever.

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