Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pippa Middleton has fun with a young man in Paris

Pippa Middleton does not want to miss that has gained popularity with the wedding of his sister, Kate. After visiting Madrid on a weekend getaway ex-boyfriend George Percy, last weekend did the same and went to Paris to enjoy the tennis tournament at Roland Garros and night in the city of light and love.

The girl, aged 27, was accompanied by a mysterious young man who was not her boyfriend Alex Loudon, a friend of William of Wales, or his ex. Pippa was accompanied by a group of friends, but the unknown guy would not let her alone for a moment. What tells E! Online is that the young man is French, although accompanied Pippa Roland Garros and dined with her at the restaurant, Cinq-Mars, he told the paparazzi that is not her boyfriend.

"Just a friend," he said to a photographer when asked about his relationship with Pippa. After dinner, the girl continued the party at Le Montana, an exclusive nightclub that have gone include: Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Lenny Kravitz. Since it seemed that it was going very well, was at the club until 2 am.

As you can see the original photo was wearing a short red skirt and blue jacket usual. Back in London, a source indicated that she was very happy. "Pippa has a great address book," says U.S. Weekly. "He wants to be on stage," he added.

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