Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy separated because of Pippa Middleton?

Pippa Middleton has done it again! Indeed, after the site Showbiz Spy, Prince Harry and his longtime girlfriend, the lovely Chelsy Davy, would have separated mainly because of Pippa Middleton ... "Chelsy has seen the way he flirted with Pippa Middleton at royal wedding. It's normal that it has experienced jealousy," says a source close to the couple.

It is true that Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry seemed very accomplices at the wedding of Kate and William, so much so that some have imagined the couple ... Apparently, the smiles and mischievous glances small corner of Prince did not at all pleased to Chelsy Davy. However, Pippa Middleton would not be the sole cause of the rupture.

Contrary to the Duchess of Cambridge, Chelsy Davy not imagine in the shoes of a princess. "Chelsy does not live his life in a jar ... Even if Harry asked her hand, she would say no. She does not want to be a princess," said a relative. If Chelsy does not see the ring on his finger, Prince Harry, himself, would consider enjoying the single life this summer in Hollywood during the trip to Los Angeles for Kate and William ...

Along with Pippa Middleton?

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