Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steve Martin victim of the scam of a counterfeiting ring

Steve Martin has always been one of the actors has aroused more sympathy among the general public. His films tend to be a blockbuster, thanks to the comedic actor and Steve has always been polite to the press and their fans. Perhaps for that very reason, his bonhomie, has fallen victim to the scam of a counterfeiting ring.

The actor, musician and novelist, who has just published his novel An Object of Beauty (focusing on the art world) bought in 2004 by Heinrich Campendonk box for which he paid $ 850,000. At fifteen months he attempted to sell the painting and after being analyzed by professionals could only get $ 600,000.

The worst part is that Martin is involved unwittingly in the scandal of the network of forgers of works of art captured in Germany in 2010. In principle it is known that Martin bought the painting thinking it was fake, but when you try to sell you could accuse the actor of attempted fraud.

To be the painting "Landscape with horses" in the catalog of counterfeiters has kept track of the copies sold and police have come to the actor. Martin has his defense that when he sold the painting he demanded proof of its authenticity and was told that "was a box that had been hidden during the reign of the Nazis in Europe." We do not know is what will make the second of the cheated.

Neither the screenplay could have matched what happened. Keep you informed.

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