Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tita Cervera defends his son Borja Thyssen

As well we reported days ago, Borja Thyssen took to court his mother, Tita Cervera, two paintings that claim because he claims are his and are in possession of the Baroness. So the battle was fought in the courts but none of those present. The dispute took rather between the lawyers of both parties and can say it is a continuation of the war that keeps mother and son for over two years.

Counsel for the Baroness Thyssen, Gonzalo Martinez-Fresneda, argued in court that these paintings belong to his private collection and that there is no document to prove otherwise. It proposes the testimony of the lawyers of the deceased baron. However, Borja Thyssen claims that the deceased donated them, and that was the thesis that said his lawyer, Pedro Mejías.

Before the judge himself gave evidence managing director of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation, and the representative of society OMICRON, which will probably never saw a paper that relate the tables with Borja. All reached the same conclusion and fear Borja Thyssen intends to "proceed immediately to the export and sale of these paintings, with consequent damage to the collection." After the preliminary investigation judge must say if the need arises, or if instead closes the case.

On the other hand Tita in the distance followed the trial, says he is devastated and does not understand anything and as for the pictures that claims his son, says that these pictures are not yours and are part of an inheritance. He said the station Punto Radio in which works that: "I have your phone but my door is open.

Just say: 'Mom, I love you' and everything would be settled. He also receives every month a large amount of money I send. Not lack anything. "

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