Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jessica Biel, sublime, has the look that kills for Revlon

The lovely Jessica Biel, former girlfriend of singer and actor Justin Timberlake back fresher and glamorous than ever for the new advertisement of the American brand of cosmetics Revlon she is one of the precious muses. The former model has used the release of this new spot, very chic, shot in black and white, which touts the mascara "Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara" to return to his small beauty secrets.

The young woman known for her perfect skin said she just used plain water and soap to take care of his face, a Board inherited from the mother of a French friend! Ah, French women have class, does not it? "I use everyday products" before adding, "One of the valuable advice they gave me just the mother of a French girlfriend who said she only washed her face with water and Dove soap, and skin was sublime.

" Consequently, the actress has adopted the adage "less is more", she forgot her multitude of cosmetic products to adopt this simple gesture of beauty but said she was sleeping enough, drinking water in quantities and that it was necessary to properly hydrate the skin to wear a fresh complexion.

Simple advice that will reassure all the young women who think that we should spend a fortune on cosmetics to be beautiful! Jessica Biel has a healthy pace that is worth all the sophistication of the world, although in the last spot of the Revlon brand, created by the talented Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan"), it appears very sensual femme fatale in wearing a long dress black! Is discovered before the mirror applying mascara on her beautiful eyes until the man in her life that slowly reaches into his room ...

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