Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ana Obregon reappears from the United States Hello!

The multifaceted Ana Obregon has given an interview to the magazine Hello! from your attic in the U.S. He performs a full sitting. The actress has moved to this country to be near his son Alex who is studying at an American university. Tired of making frequent trips to see his son has bought a great house in Florida.

"I bought this penthouse of 180 square meters in building more vip around Florida, where they also have house models and actresses in Hollywood," he says. About their projects, Ana Obregon says: "I just started writing a book with Metro about my life, which will then be a movie on TV." Also says it has no boyfriend and is very happy.

"It's been two years that no one in my life. I'm single because I wanted to be so and I do not want any romantic relationship. " Above, the former Stephanie of Monaco Peres Adans only a good friend. The biologist says he needed some time to relax: "Since I turned eighteen, I have always lived at a breakneck speed, and there comes a time when one needs to stop, but not one or two days, but a season." "I just started to write planet a book about my life, which will then be a movie on TV, and I pointed out an intensive course of four hours a day," says the publication, so it looks like we have to Ana some time outside of Spain.

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