Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr. Murray attempts to present new arguments in its defense

Dr. Murray no longer know what to do to leave the pit in which was immersed after being present in the room that Michael Jackson died. At the trial being held to clarify what happened, Murray has already tried several strategies to escape from jail but it seems that it will be hard to get it. The latest legal ploy that has come before the judge, according to TMZ, the DVD itself is called This is it.

As you know, this recording includes the trials did the singer to the concert series that were to involve an end to his career. In these images would be, according to the doctor, the secret of the death of Jackson. His idea is to show that Jackson was already very ill while rehearsing. Incoordination, disorientation, difficulty in understanding the guidelines and gave him several symptoms would come to confirm that Jackson killed not by the famous Propofol but by the stress I had during the weeks before his death.

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