Thursday, April 28, 2011

Robert Pattinson complained the future princess Kate Middleton!

British actor Robert Pattinson, think Kade Middleton, who is to marry Prince William tomorrow to England, during a lavish ceremony to be attended by more than 2 billion viewers may know the disadvantages of being a member of the royal family rather quickly! As such, he shows compassion with the future princess and wish him courage for the years to come! Kate Middleton says 'yes' tomorrow, the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, in Westminster Abbey during a ceremony like clockwork to music after a romantic relationship a decade, and the protagonist of "Twilight" said he felt great sympathy for Kate because of the pressure that it will endure as a member of the royal family! Robert Pattinson who is currently promoting his latest film "Water for Elephants" said "It will be difficult for her, people will be assigned responsibilities which may seem insignificant.

As an actor, you can make mistakes but nothing is forgiven a member of the royal family. " It is true that as a Princess of England, the young woman will be entitled to any missteps in the protocol, and must have impeccable behavior in relation to the world will be watching over her! Rob sympathizes and already knows how difficult it is to support a strong media pressure! He said he would watch the wedding on television for the historical value it represents, while adding that the American people was totally fascinated by this event! It is true that modern fairy tales are rare nowadays, and it would be easy in these times of crisis to experience the pomp and luxury of the ceremony by proxy ...

The dream remains affordable for all, is right?

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