Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Diana Ross will take care of the children of Michael Jackson

For now, the mother of Michael Jackson who takes care of three children of the King of Pop. Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II is in the custody of Katherine Jackson since Jackson's death in June 2009. But the wishes of the star, her friend of 67 years ago today, Diana Ross is appointed as sponsor and will be responsible for children if by chance something happening to their grandmother.

The U.S. site RadarOnline. com site a source: "Diana has done nothing for not fulfilling this role that Michael gave him. Michael did not trust anyone except his family from his mother to raise her children. Michael loved Diana and has chosen for a reason. " If Diana Ross would not really a young mother, Katherine Jackson is already 80 years old and is not eternal.

About Diana Ross, a friend of the singer assures: "It will be immediately available if needed." Michael Jackson obviously had his reasons for considering these two mentors. But to choose whether elderly, children may suffer many losses parental quick succession.

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