Wednesday, April 27, 2011

X Factor 2 premium Cécile Couderc eliminated

After removal of Twen last week, it Cécile Couderc, singer and voice protected Christophe Willem, who left the journey. Her cover all power and futuristic makeup will not convince the public, much to the chagrin of his coach Christophe Willem who literally freaked snapping a "tonight I'm not proud of being French." Yet on paper, Christophe Willem won the girls' group, the most promising.

Saved in extremis, Sarah has not gone far Manesse disposal but has saved his head. Among the pleasant surprises of the program: Raphael Herrerias piano voice and his cover of Rihanna. Described by the jury last week of "mannered", he conquered the jury unanimously. Another good surprise for the girls, Maryvette Lair on Ban Bang.

We love her staff and highly theatrical universe. Her pretty face does not spoil her performance at the side of disaster ... The Omega Group, a sort of Tokio Hotel fashion Bayliss, but Giustininai Florian, who suffered a loss of voice ... Despite its moments of emotion and pans! the X factor last night that was attended by 2.1 million viewers and only 9.9% of PDA.

A disappointment for M6 has yet appealed to Johnny Hallyday play for guests.

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