Thursday, April 28, 2011

Robert Pattinson is in Paris, it's time to meet

Girls, it's time! If you want to meet the eyes of azure blue, and even seduce him (why not?), Be aware that this is possible, but only for two days ... As part of promoting the film, the actor began a grand tour that took him to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Germany early in the week. Today is our turn: Robert French today begins its stay, which ends tomorrow.

The program? It will be tonight for the premiere of the film. A meeting for which tickets were snapped up within 24hrs ... It is feared a riot! And after a good night's rest, Bobby give a press conference tomorrow at the Plaza followed by several interviews. Finally, place on television since at least should find it in on TF1 and Canal +.

Can not miss it. May the best win!

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