Friday, April 29, 2011

Justin Bieber soon to a movie with Mark Wahlberg

Here's some news that will please some fans of Mr. Justin Bieber! Full tour of My world tour, the young man would have been offered a script by actor and producer Mark Wahlberg. After the documentary Never say never - and if the project happen - we could once again be able to admire the pretty faces of young Justin film.

"Yes, Justin Bieber and I'll make a movie together. We stecklings and we do it with Paramount. We have launched the idea and we are in talks. Justin likes the idea and he sent me some videos of him. I think he is very talented. "Confirmed Mark in an interview for the site Vulture. It would be a drama about street basketball.

It was retarded by the subject but seems visibly confident. For now, no confirmation from Justin who is concerned about his back problems. So cross your fingers the girls. Justin Bieber basketball in the streets, what a dream is not it?

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