Saturday, April 30, 2011

Belén Esteban and Deluxe Box, discovered the person behind the character

It often happens that people who are so exposed in the media created a character to prevent the person is exposed. Yesterday, as I watched Stephen Bethlehem Deluxe Box, I realized that Bethlehem, despite everything, still a neighborhood girl that we fear they have put in the window to get benefits from it.

Although their shapes and forms, manners and performance when defense leaves much to be desired, see her sitting in a box as she recalled various moments of his life meant that many change our view to see his defense. Bethlehem spoke very clearly and pointed out that if I had to go back to what it was, began working in a factory outlets, would not mind.

Bethlehem came to confide so much that revealed his will, "I have it all fixed because I have a disease and the last thing I want is that my daughter is out with his father if I die, it would be very unfair. My daughter is very clear who you go with my mother could not be, but I have made my daughter's guardians, who are Cuqui Mariví and my brother.

Also, I have visitation, which is like a divorced couple, which is for my mother was right to be with her granddaughter two weekends a month. " "Andrea was born of a love relationship, I was in love and he. We were happy. We were a couple that we loved so much, our daughter came bouncing, it took a year until it reached Andrea.

Jesus would say to look for happiness, not be stuck with what you have. The only thing I have to say is that thanks him for the best gift I've done in life, my Andrea. Thanks. I would love to see differently, nothing more. "

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