Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kate Middleton: his last night before being a princess

In consequence of his sumptuous palace in London, Kate Middleton will dream to his Prince and his future princess. Before walking down the aisle on the arm of her father Michael, before pronouncing his vows in front of the whole England before joining Buckingham Palace and the 1900 guests of her marriage, Kate Middleton must wait another night alone , away from its promise.

Obviously, when you have a suite reserved at the hotel Goring, there are worse situations. Especially since Kate is not expected to spend the night quite lonely because his family will also be housed in the palace, having booked 71 rooms of the hotel. Until the Prince William gave him the ring finger, the beautiful commoner has a right to a night of princess, her room is a sequel to 5,600 euros a night, lavishly decorated, statues and chairs antique, bed canopy of velvet sofas and ...

Before his arrival, a score of bouquets have been placed in the room, red and white freesia and roses. In fact the whole hotel has undergone a serious refresh in anticipation of marriage works amounting to 170,400 euros, expenses that the owner should fill quickly through advertising that it offers the arrival of Kate.

It is this hotel that will leave tomorrow morning Kate Middleton in a Rolls Royce accompanied by her father to Westminster Abbey.

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