Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Audiences: Dr House crushes X-Factor

Yesterday evening, TF1 aired four episodes of Dr. House, following the sixth season, and the collapse of the hero and cynical doctor imprisoned for some time in the psychiatric section of the hospital, mobilized the masses. The episode "The Oath of Hippocrates" attracted 8.5 million viewers. On the whole evening, the 4 episodes have attracted an average of 6.7 million fans of Dr.

House, or 30% audience share. France 3, which is followed TF1 last night with the TV movie The beautiful sisters who drew 4 million viewers, while the appointment of Beatrice Schoenberg, direct engagement, family business, that was followed by 2.4 million people. The most serious flop is that of X-Factor, the show's musical télécrochet M6 which has not quite the level of New Star and can not find the path to success.

2.1 million people watched the progress of candidates this week or 9.9% of audience share. Despite the arrival of Johnny Hallyday!

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