Friday, April 29, 2011

The arrival of Prince William in uniform shiny!

Yes, it's the dress Kate Middleton is expected to experience forward in April 29. But the arrival of young Prince William is a particularly moving moment. Aboard a black Bentley, the son of Lady Diana, aged 28 appeared alongside his brother and a witness, Prince Harry. Then he saluted the crowd could see his white-gloved hand, but especially his beautiful red uniform, the most beautiful and rich clothes he could wear.

We learned last night that the future husband of Kate Middleton was chosen to appear in uniform but the surprise is strong with this flashy red uniform. Some commentators have pointed out that Harry seemed rather grumpy or tired, probably by an evening of celebration on the eve of marriage.

Quite possible given that a reception was held last night. At this writing, the Queen Elizabeth II left Buckingham to Westminster!

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