Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marie-France Pisier: Track suicide

The police quickly ruled out the possibility of a murder. The circumstances of the death of actress Marie-France Pisier are particularly glaucous but also a bit blurry. Found in the night from Saturday to Sunday lifeless in the pool at his villa, his body stiff from a wrought iron chair, the actress recently seen in Paris or in the fantasy remains ham? was full of projects with an immediate view of Cannes.

Yesterday, the results of an autopsy were issued without a trace or toxic drug can be detected. "At this point nothing can be ruled out, one must check" a judicial source said. But it is the trail of suicide that emerges more clearly. The police are certainly able to deliver a chronology of the drama.

On Saturday, around 23:30, the husband of Marie-France Pisier off to bed in their villa in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer, leaving his companion to the television. Around 3:30 am, he wakes up alone in bed and goes in search of his wife. Turning on the lights in the house, the lights surrounding the pool are heading to the pool.

Seeing the body, he grabbed a pole but failed to approach or leave the water. "Paralyzed by terror," he court prevent the goalkeeper and called firefighters, for half an hour the two men are facing the submerged body, helpless. At the hospital, the death is found. Many factors are pushing towards the hypothesis of suicide, among them the fact that the actress discovered by François Truffaut lost his parents in two suicides.

Also the fact that Marie-France Pisier was diagnosed with breast cancer. Around her, however, the evidence is saying that increasing the radiant actress and lived happily married for 30 years.

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