Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Love, Sex and Death": Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Twilight A

Attention Twilight comes out in 7 months, red alert, it is already time that the film makes the cover of magazines. In any case, what thought the writing of Entertainment Weekly who knows how to entice the viewer future: on one hand the werewolf Taylor Lautner in a nice little t-shirt wrap, on the other, the torque-Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart aka Bella and Edward.

Do not forget the crucial words "Love, sex, death and infant very strange." For the most sexually frank restraint is the best publicity in case some fans missed the flight images showing the antics of the two heroes. The director of Twilight: Revelation talks about the key scene of the film: "This is one of the most anticipated scenes.

I spent considerable time thinking about it. The wait is crucial and we want to play with what the public thinks, to subvert a bit and perhaps the surprise. " Be careful though not to reveal any leaks where force and promotion, the surprise may be minimal!

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