Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carmen Lomana defends his honor in Intimate Enemies

Lomana Carmen has proven to remain a lady. Despite that are determined to save me removing the last attack mercilessly and senseless slaughter by his humble origin, unaware that the staff of that program came from the aristocracy, Lomana wanted to influence the massive attack that is receiving later.

In Intimate Enemies, where he worked by phone, we decided to cited comment that ever insulted the daughter of Belén Esteban, "What I said about the girl is not an insult, we are all small plump. I was very tender when I met her, I touched her tummy and said: "This is full of 'goodies'? I do not think that is an insult.

" After being pursued by the people's princess and the Spaniard making the corridors of Tele 5 and even try live interview, approaching the car in which he was, has met with an orchestrated campaign against the view that the "This cruelty has no proportion to anything. I have even called a prostitute, something so outrageous ....

I'm amazed. I think about how unfair it all is. I do not understand how they can afford these things. I am alone against a lot of people are peeling and I still do not know what reason. " "Sometimes I've had a hard time in life. It is so easy, many people know me and are pouring lies about me.

Even if it was the worst person in the world that can not be done. I would be incapable. They have called me old fool, full of botox, crooked eyes. What if my family are about starving. "

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