Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marriage of William and Kate Middleton: D-Day Program

A royal wedding in total improvisation, it would be funny ... But to avoid the Queen Mother and Kate Middleton infarction came April 29, a timed program was organized. Here are the basics. 10.10am: Prince William and his brother Harry leave Clarence House in Bentley and arrive 5 minutes later at Westminster Abbey.

From 10.20am to 10.38am: The Royal Family members leave Buckingham Palace The Goring Hotel for the Middleton family and go to Westminster Abbey in small groups timed (we save you some details of transport-logistic). 10.40am: The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace to Westminster. 10.48am: The bridesmaids leave the Goring Hotel in Westminster.

10.51am: Kate Middleton and his father, Michael left the Goring Hotel in Westminster in a Rolls Royce. 11.00am: The service starts, relayed by loudspeakers and giant screened in Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square. 12.15am: The carriage leaves Westminster Abbey. 12.30am: Arrival of the bride at Buckingham Palace.

12.40am: Arrival of the Royal Family followed by other guests. 1.25pm: The Queen and the young couple Kate and Prince William Miidleton make an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. 1.30pm: Switching planes of the Royal Air Force then will receive the Queen for lunch with family members.

600 guests will be present during the afternoon. In the evening, "only" 300 guests attending the dinner the Prince of Wales, relatives and friends. Finally, the essential information revealed with this program: the cake part. It will be a traditional wedding cake with a glaze of fruit, representing "The Language of Flowers", directed by Fiona Cairns, County of Leicester pastry and a small chocolate cake made especially for Prince William by brand of English biscuits Mc Vities, at the request of the Royalty.

Also note, comment on the vague dress Kate Middleton: "The design of the dress is a secret but the wedding dress of Miss Middleton should be simple, revealing some skin." We were counting that we flush the eye ...

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