Friday, April 29, 2011

Morrissey against the marriage of Prince William

The former lead singer of The Smiths, Morrissey has chosen to comment on what you think of the royal wedding being held today. If in the course of their discography and the many interviews he has responded already knew something about his sense Republican, has now fully embroidered to give his opinion on the link to half the world is glued to the TV.

Speaking to BBC 4 said, "Why would you see the wedding on television? These people are not representing England and I think that England will not need them all. I believe that the only real family looking for their own benefit, just that. " Perhaps stronger but lighter can not say. "That family to me is nothing real but for the media itself and I wonder why.

I do not think they have any specific function, I am not an anarchist but do not understand why all this has been mounted. " In his legendary song, 1986, The Queen is Dead, and sang the following verses, "Prince Charles, do not you be you would have liked to carry the wedding dress your mother in front of everyone?".

In her song "Glamorous Glue" the singer, who lives in Los Angeles, said: "The idea that Prince Charles becomes king of England is to take it a joke. Ronnie Corbett (famous comedian) would be much better king than he, at least people would like more. " Clearly the sentiment behind these statements Morrissey.

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