Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy to Buckingham terrible lovers

Chelsy Davy is the "on-off girlfriend" of the man nicknamed "Dirty Harry". Blonde party girl, grinning, more ready to swallow the champagne in one gulp as to curtsey, the daughter of a wealthy Zimbabwean safari organizer seems a little less in the style of the Queen Mother as the lovely Kate Middleton Royal and her smile charmingly.

Yet, the rumor is that persistent, Chelsy will surely cavalier Prince Harry for the wedding of William and Kate. A big step toward formalizing! Sex, champagne and royalty Fortunately, we have observed a few occasions, the pinup Royal Chelsy Davy knows her outfits give to their environment and have a smile in circumstances when it is in August company.

In fact, if the tax easily from one style verging on vulgarity and a lifestyle that does not leave anyone a girl's complexion, the main quality of Chelsy's good to have conquered the heart of the impetuous Harry. In 2004, the terrible lovers meet in a night club in South Africa. Vodka and petits fours, polo matches and VIP clubbing, these two greats of the golden youth have similar hobbies! But since 2004, more than drinking that Harry and Chelsy share.

Student in economics and politics at the University of Cape Town, Chelsy is not the brainless that it gives the appearance. Prince Harry's soul mate, she can listen, help, understand it in its desires to live his life as he sees fit, far from the gossip and bows his nose on the carpet. Soulmates After several separations, their last reunion took place last February.

According to the tabloid The Sun, Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy reportedly spent the night together, feasting in a private nightclub in London until 4 am. While the younger brother of William has been named captain and will probably away from his homeland for many months, it becomes increasingly clear that his girlfriend will be the wedding of April 29.

We saw last week Chelsy stroll alongside Pippa, younger sister of Kate Middleton and control. Harry then gave him for Christmas a diamond bracelet, it would today to prepare his speech for the wedding on Friday. These two seem to have found. Deference to His Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ...

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