Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton decided to make up her own

In the photo above you can see Kate coming to the Goring hotel where he was dining with his entourage on Thursday night, her maiden last night. The girl has decided to disguise herself today in her wedding day, but last-minute surprise. Middleton has received several private lessons at the hands of a famous makeup artist and is confident of doing it herself.

Kate Middleton has been taking lessons from London as a sought-after makeup artist had the wedding planner Kate, Mark Niemierko to People: "I heard that Arabella Preston was called by a mutual friend of her and Kate to give him some private lessons his apartment in Chelsea and Clarence House.

" "Arabella was supposed to come the wedding day too, but he will not because Kate is comfortable and confident in doing it herself," he claimed. Some sources claim that this decision of makeup she has come because of the secrecy with which the subject is wearing her wedding dress and to avoid before reaching unveiled at Westminster Abbey.

Within hours we will see if the lessons of makeup that Kate received have been helpful and also discover how and what the dress on the designer has chosen.

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