Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus says yes to luxury but not the bra!

The singer Miley Cyrus needs to happen on May 1 for a single concert in the Peruvian capital, Lima, will be hosted in a lavish suite in the Swissotel, a real palace! Everything is done so that the interpreter 'Party in the USA' Queen feels common, this result will give him comfort, luxury and tranquility.

This hotel has hosted other celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne, Laura Paussini, Shakira, Iron Maiden, among others. As everyone now knows, the singer and actress who rose to fame thanks to the Disney Channel program "Hannah Montana" has requested that be put at his disposal in his room, sweets, fresh fruits from Peru and soft drinks.

The bodies of the institution have to do everything to best meet the demands of the American star! Following the show costs $ 3 200 at night and covers an area of 270 m² including terrace with a real castle! At that price, Miley will have a piano in the main salon, and can relax in peace after the concert or even a Jacuzzi in his private sauna, high class, is not it? Peru is the starting point of the great South American tour "Corazon Gitano" the interpreter "Can'be tamed" which ironically does not happen by choice, the United States.

If the star has a luxury treatment with some requirements, it is no less lax at the port of underwear according to some! Indeed, it has still caused a mini controversy by posing recently with a white tank without wearing a bra. The lady said both amazed and amused by the reaction of many people who said they were shocked by the fact that it is not considered necessary to wear a bra under her white top! Certainly America is puritanical, and it is shocking to see that a controversy can be started because a young woman of 18 years decided to zap the box bra while beneath the sun and heat California ...

Some people definitely have no worries. Miley is now looking forward to seeing her fans in South America and could not care less that the latest gossip about him there is in any case the message she sent on her Twitter account.

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