Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kate Hudson: The actress is engaged!

Engagement announcements often are blown by relatives when they are not agents of the new stars coming out at their request. The actress and Nine Nearly CélèbreKate Hudson was much relieved when at last, her engagement ring was noticed. In an interview on the set of the Today presenter Matt Lauer this morning, Kate was questioned for his ring in the middle of the interview.

"I'm engaged!" she has cried. "Since last week, only. I am glad that you've noticed. I have not really announced yet ... I was waiting for someone to notice." She and rocker band Muse, Matthew Bellamy, both of them aged 32 years, have been together for a year and the young woman is pregnant about 6 months.

Some details about how her boyfriend told him his request? Not too much, because Kate looks like a shy despite his desire to formalize: "It was very cute, very romantic." All the happiness in the world!

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