Thursday, April 28, 2011

J-1: Prince William is a coward before his wedding with Kate Middleton

While Kate Middleton swallows protein supplements to avoid collapsing during his march to the altar, Prince William has its own ways to relax between repetitions of their royal union. Will has jumped on his motorcycle Tuesday night to find friends and make a good football game with them. "William seemed in a good mood, he noticed a witness.

He was very competitive and if they had a little stress of last minute, he did not show it." During this training on grass with friends, the jokes were rife on the "last day of freedom" of the Prince. Prince William has passed out exhausted on the field, before returning home to bike to go a little later than the wedding rehearsal, accompanied by the bride Kate Middleton.

The couple returned to the Abbey via a small backdoor avoiding the crowd outside the building. Judging by the smiles that William and Kate Middleton showed in the car ride home, the rehearsal went well!

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