Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lady Gaga breaks down and cries in her documentary

The pop diva, Lady Gaga, whatever one may think of her and her career, is human and as such has its bajonazos and doubts. And although it is always news more for his performances or shows, this time recorded a documentary for HBO entitled "Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden" has drawn the weakest part of the singer.

In a preview of what can be seen on 7 May. Gaga shows a little known side of their fans or their little monsters as she is affectionately known as tearfully confesses that "sometimes I feel like a loser." You could say that the singer has exploded in the privacy of his dressing room has been stripped as ever and it has been found to be vulnerable and flesh.

An explosion of emotions to the surface. "I still feel like the loser of the school. And just I have to recover from those thoughts, "he says. "I tell myself every morning that I'm a superstar, just to get through each day, but sometimes I feel that people want to destroy me," says the diva in the mirror.

Is the advancement of the statements that thousands of people have seen enyoutube. He also confessed to have many enemies. "They only see the lipstick and wigs." These crude statements led to a massive response from fans supporting and judging those people who mourn and do not understand.

The documentary was filmed before the concert at Madison Square Garden in New York and handkerchief in hand, ends with a declaration to God and thanking their fans. Amen.

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