Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend assaulted by a crazy stalker

It's tough being a socialite! Paris Hilton does what she wants when she wants or she wants, satisfied without lifting a finger but the ransom of the life of a spoiled child is a celebrity double-edged sword. The heiress went to court yesterday, hand in hand with her lover Cy Waits, to attend the trial of a man who broke into his house in October.

But when they arrived in court, a man attacked Cy retained by the bodyguards of Paris Hilton. This second stalker stabbed her companion on the head, fortunately without harm. The man was not entirely unknown to the heiress. The monomaniacal shouted at police: "I've already made my request and her father said yes." "I wanted her to sign the photo of me doing to him my request," continued the man.

Paris Hilton has so recognized the individual. "It was he who came home on his bike, oh my God! This is another ranger who came home on his bicycle. This guy just attacked my boyfriend," she has exclaimed in shock. Before going quietly in court to appear against his assailant previous ...

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