Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carla Bruni pregnancy rumors

According to a French magazine says the French first lady might be pregnant by President Nicolas Sarkozy. "Carla Bruni finally pregnant" headlines announcing the popular French magazine Closer on its front page. Actually there is still no confirmation from the Elysee, but if so, Nicholas would be the father in full election campaign for reelection and the third anniversary of marriage to Bruni.

All that has struck an exclusive weekend for the French to be very rare for gossip talk and make mention of Sarkozy's private life and his family since it is much given to complaints with the slightest interference with his privacy therefore have to be very safe to talk about the alleged pregnancy.

The magazine 'Closer', ensures very good authority that the information has come through a source close to marriage and states that a small circle of people know about pregnancy. Even now, you know half the planet on the news. Has also learned that, Carla is completely free of official engagements in the coming months so it is one more reason to give credit to the owner, nor has confirmed his presence at the next Cannes Film Festival, which held on 11 May, where they will be Woody Allen film, 'Midnight in Paris ", which makes its debut on the big screen.

This and some other details, suggest that the rumors are true, but as always they say in these cases, a pregnancy can not hide very long time.

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