Friday, April 29, 2011

Pippa she would overshadow her sister Kate Middleton?

Is there a rivalry between Kate Middleton and her younger sister Pippa? Nothing is less certain! Kate Middleton has chosen her sister as maid of honor for her wedding with Prince William, but the bride had she expected that Pippa would have for the occasional sublime sheath dress in white! Few are invited to a marriage that dare to affront to wear white so as not to overshadow the bride.

However, it does not seem to have bothered to Pippa, she has focused on the more restrained simplicity by opting for a dress with no frou-frou, but satin like Kate Middleton, and especially a virgin color. Perhaps the two sisters have they chosen to symbolically make their respective dress in the same fabric? Unless Pippa Middleton has decided to get out of Prince Harry.

Groomsman and witnessed his brother Prince William, Harry was indeed invited to the marriage singles. And it is his left arm that Pippa Westminster Abbey behind the newlyweds Kate Middleton and Prince William ... QED?

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