Friday, April 29, 2011

Star Katie Holmes apologizes after its controversial cover

Star magazine has taken a big step for tabloid publications worldwide. While there is nothing better than having to repent of what you do wrong, the publication has requested a public apology to Holmes for the cover in asserting that Holmes was addicted to certain treatments of the Church of Scientology but this was suspected After reading the article inside, not the cover.

More than likely that the $ 50 million asking Tom Cruise's wife in their application have been used to "facilitate" the publication of the apology. It is now that the very direction of the magazine described as "unethical, wrong and unfair" to the very news that they brought to home and so gave them huge profits.

The bad thing is that Katie Holmes's lawyer has said that an application of this importance is not like the river to be but has already been declared admissible and that his client did not intend to withdraw for an apology. The magazine has already launched their own campaign whitewash.

The announcement that has donated a generous amount to the charity of Katie will also be used as a mitigating factor at trial. The magazine specifically saying now that "Star never informed that Mrs Holmes was addicted to drugs or was undergoing treatment for drug rehabilitation. If there has been any misunderstanding caused by this information we apologize.

" They are right in what they say, just published the following "The nightmare of addiction. Katie Holmes and drugs. " As I mentioned, it was the famous machine called E-Meter and the sensation it produces in those who submit to its vibration. She did not dispute this point but demand has been on the cover that leaves no room for doubt.

Keep you informed about what will happening in one of the trials of the year.

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