Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pippa Middleton's buttocks Unleashed crowds

Pippa Middleton she sought to upstage his sister? Kate's bridesmaid at her wedding with Prince William yesterday, Pippa has immediately caused a sensation, appearing at the ceremony in a sublime cut dress, much to the delight of his gentlemen. But the pretty face of Pippa is the only part of his anatomy that unleashes the crowds.

Since yesterday, these are also the butt of the young woman who created a buzz on the Internet. It all started when Pippa tumbled to Westminster Abbey with Kate. In bridesmaid who respects himself, the young woman was placed a few meters behind her sister, carrying her train. While the two women walked down the aisle, two billion viewers who followed the ceremony around the world were able to admire the back of Pippa.

And what a behind! "For those who like the buttocks of Pippa Middleton" Customers did not wait long before storming social networks to comment on the buttocks of Pippa Middleton. On Facebook, many pages have been created with "Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society" translate "For those who like the buttocks of Pippa Middleton.

The group already has nearly 37,000 fans at the time of writing. Twitter, same scenario, everyone from his brief comment, sometimes bawdy, behind the pretty Londoner of 27 years. "If you are wise, honest and live a serious life, you may have the chance to reincarnate in nylons of Pippa Middleton", for example, wrote a visitor to the site of micro-blogging.

The popularity of the buttocks of Pippa Middleton is such that the hashtags # Pippa is, since yesterday, among the most discussed topics on Twitter. Of this buzz, resulting today another, more salacious: Pippa she wore panties underneath that tight dress which has been the dream the world? The paris are open and on the net, some are trying to respond to this existential question, with supporting pictures.

It lets you search the videos for yourself.

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