Friday, April 29, 2011

Richard Bohringer was burgled

It is a twist of fate that is never fun person. Knowing that strangers broke into your house, and broke into your apartment to capture memories and various objects which you hold is one of the most everyday things that can happen ... revolting This, according to Le Parisien, what happened to the actor Richard Bohringer the night of April 26 to 27.

Taking advantage of work in the building that houses the Sixth arrondissement apartment of the actor, burglars have visited it and stole several valuables. Richard Bohringer have complained the next day. It obviously does not know yet if a track is referred to find the burglars. One imagines his daughter Romane, he has always been very close, supports him.

The actor has recently undergone a health problem on which he returned in his novel Traine not rain too. Hepatitis C, Cancer, we hope this new trial will not because of his morale.

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