Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karmele Marchante could leave Save me

Karmele Marchante, after holding carts and carts of fellow program, expressed his fill and is more determined than ever to leave Save me. This comment caused the Jorge Javier Vázquez own comment on this event and even noted that Marchand would have tried to give a unique and the reasons for his departure.

The de Badalona, a beautiful coastal town, said that "intended to give an interview to the media outside Telecinco explaining the reasons for leaving Save me." As lapidary sentence where there catch because until now, everyone can declare what you want and where you want in that program but everything seems to be much more rigid and the "partnership" would include that Marchante stop making money in another medium.

Of course, if the People's Princess charge of collecting for sitting on the Deluxe as what unless all do the same. Vazquez continued to explain that Karmele tell "how he was in the program, its relationship with some colleagues (...) and between those peers I know that unless he talked to me, yes that is saying things about me that I would like to tell me because if believes that the manner in which the treatment (...) If you are not well treated, is badly treated.


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