Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jennifer Aniston went to live in New York

Living in a place where one feels good, it's priceless! is aware of and that is why she decided to move. The actress is preparing to leave the California sunshine and the glitter of Hollywood to join the huge buildings of the big apple. Having sold his villa in Beverly Hills, estimated at 40 million, the star would have purchased two apartments in the West Village neighborhood, which it intends to bring them into a luxury duplex.

Jennifer, who spent his youth in New York, this city stands a chance because of the series, which has made known turned away. To whom it lent a few days ago a desire to seduce Bradley Cooper would she need a fresh start on a personal level? His sudden urge to change the horizon she reflects something deeper? Impossible to know.

What is certain is that the single most watched her intersect the world may be less of photographers in New York and Los Angeles ...

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