Friday, April 29, 2011

Lady Gaga has accepted the invitation of X Factor

If the show is struggling to find its audience, it does not hurt to find headliners for its premiums. A few days ago, we announced the arrival on the set of X Factor - This is the fifth largest in Mass, May 17 - and today is another big name that is on the lips. Production would have indeed managed to win the jackpot by the person.

One imagines that the cap of the bottle of champagne in the office of the fly. The star will then enchant the ninth bonus, June 14, M6. As usual, she will certainly benefit the most memorable and it looks forward to discover his place .... For candidates who are no longer than four, they must arm themselves with their greatest composure to avoid being destabilized by the large Gaga and stay focused on the competition.

What remains to sing during this program which should work very well. Interpret Does Judas or another song? Mystery!

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