Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carla Bruni: his great interview in Paris Match

Carla Bruni returns to the front of the stage. In an interview with "great care" given to Paris Match, she appeared in France's first lady accomplice of her husband announces that "[roll]" for her husband in 2012 if he runs ... even if an event were to boueverser personal life? We will not know anything, writer journalist Alexandre Jardin came not to talk about the intimacy of Carla Bruni.

Yet it was interested in the world ... Lovers presidential Alexander and Carla have therefore referred to the commitment of Mrs Sarkozy against illiteracy, a gap which still affects 3 million people in France. "[I'm] very careful that this does not appear for what it is not. That is to say as propaganda for my husband," says Carla Bruni.

The journalist can not help but underline the strength of the relationship he sees between his interlocutor and Nicolas Sarkozy, "a true alliance," both be "tempted by the extreme as possible." He recounts the scene as it prepares to meet with Carla Bruni Sarkozy: "Her husband tumbling ...

and passionately kisses her under the noses of people present." First Lady Carla Bruni does not appear as the woman was sacrificed when we saw recently postpone the release of her album after the presidential 2012: "Being with my husband as president of the Republic, for me is not a hell but an experience.

Which for some is a chore, for others is an adventure. As for our romance, it belongs to our inner life, I will not say anything. "First lady love, first lady happy ... Read more are expected Friday and his interview with Le Parisien in which it is supposed answer "all questions" of readers!

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