Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beyoncé's dance against obesity (VIDEO)

Obesity is a scourge of Western, particularly United States. In the land of hamburgers, children are likely to become overweight, so what better way to help that cause them to move and have fun? That's why Beyonce stirs in a clip muscular, mini-shorts and green socks full canteen, she started a dance sport environments for children, soon imitated by all the congregation of college.

The initiative comes from the first lady herself, Michelle Obama has decided to mobilize the talents to educate more young people to a serious health problem in his country. So she asked the star to adapt the song "Get Me Bodied" into a "Let's Move" vitamin. The video should be shown in schools across the country "to promote the effects of a balanced diet and exercise, but what we want to do is have fun," says Beyonce.

Given the talents of dancer Mrs. Jay-Z (dramatic music video Single Ladies), we reproduce the choreography will warm.

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