Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Johnny Hallyday gadin open with "Never Alone"

It is a sacred setback for Johnny Hallyday. French rocker is more accustomed tops and flops that even if it is on his last album "Never Alone" has stopped nudging towards the sky. With 100,000 albums sold the first week, Johnny was in good spirits. An impression quickly deflated when the figures are seen divided by 4 a few days later.

Like many artists, musicians saw its sales decline after the blown save than usual, this spell savings Johnny. "Never Alone" is displayed then this week's Top Cd seventh with sales rose from 100,000 to 6,384. Johnny Hallyday is preceded by Zaz, The Enfoirés, Nolwenn Leroy, Hugh Laurie, and Colonel Adele Reyel.

A small neck soft rocker for our national while his arrival last night on the set of X-Factor failed to awaken audiences to the show.

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