Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lindsay Lohan says her desire to regain his artistic career

Lindsay Lohan wants to show his desire to reclaim his career. After many years of scandal scandal, the beautiful actress told Jay Leno that "I left in the lurch to my fans for a long time and that is going to end." The first step to recovery has already given to recognize their problems, we'll see what the future holds.

After sitting on the couch in the guest, Leno asked him where he would be in five years to which she replied, "In this same chair and having won an Oscar. That would be perfect. " After this first sentence, acknowledged that his career is the worst way possible and we must fight hard to achieve their goal.

"After everything that happened will be very difficult but if I insist on getting something I just have to work as hard as possible to achieve and I know that it will." After acknowledging his last event went for the start of a new and hopeful chapter in his life. "I have taken a series of unfortunate decisions in my past.

Right now I'm trying to cope with the consequences of what I've done. I tried to work and I could not. Now I am focused and know that although much will it cost to get it will achieve my goal. " No doubt this could be the beginning of a new career in film. We hope that the projects chosen are best suited to their interests.

Keep you informed.

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