Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barbara King is subjected to a mastectomy

Barbara King has had to undergo a mastectomy to try to clear his chest of any traces of cancer that may have. After a routine examination the doctor opted for a stopgap. The actress is in good condition but the fact that her daughter Sophie is taking part in The Reunion has been perhaps a blow to both.

So far everything has gone well. King commented that "I have cleaned the chest inside I have rebuilt. I am left with a very small chest and now I can go again without a bra and cleavage showing. " She does not know too well what ever happened to this news was made public. Has commented that he has not liked that people knew about this and I would rather "take a secret." While waiting for the biopsy, the actress is resting these days trying to bring all the best.

We still seem strange that the program management of Tele 5 in which his daughter Sophie did not send anything to the contestant. Moreover, the above has no competition couple days now so it does not have too much logic their stay in the house. Both Barbara King as to all women who undergo breast cancer, our most sincere support and encouraging message.

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