Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow, glad to be a fuddy-duddy

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be the perfect daughter for many mothers and this is for their efforts to present itself as a classic woman. Their intent is not just for show but is entirely well and a way of life. That is what the Daily Mail said in an interview that has not be indifferent to that distills much of what is inside the actress.

On the positive influence it has exerted on Brad Pitt's mother says "My life can be surreal sometimes and not always know what I'm doing. Brad Pitt's mother, her mother for several years, advised me to throw a tea towel over his shoulder to feel more real. I did the other day and gave me great strength, I continued cooking as usual.

I advise you. " "I am a woman of 50 years as behaving like a traditional housewife is concerned. I hate to feed my kids frozen fish sticks and forget about their nutrition. Yes, order a pizza and eat with the family I think we usually do something perfect. Throughout the weekend I like to cook and go freezing what I do to eat it all during the week.

On Sunday evening we always have a family dinner. " "The legacy of the 50 it seems perfect. It always have the house clean, good food on the table, the clothes ready and well-behaved children seems the best option. A good wife needs to protect his family and also show how to protect your loved ones with claws and teeth, I feel this way.

My mother stopped working to feed us but I I can not afford to have a more traditional life. " We seem to recognize it perfect, I hope that your marriage is on as best as possible.

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